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Medax healthcare jobs in the UAE

Jobs in the UAE we publish to you the job advertisement of medax healthcare company, which announced it through its recruitment portal through its website on the internet about medax healthcare jobs, and we publish to you the details of the jobs and the link to apply to them as indicated in the official announcement of the company.

Functions of medax healthcare company

We publish to you our followers through our website <url> jobs UAE details of the jobs of medax healthcare company for all nationalities to work in the following specialties and names:

  • Pediatric nurse – Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant Plastic Surgery-Dubai
  • Midwife – Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant Pediatrics-Abu Dhabi
  • Pain anesthesia consultant-Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant non-invasive cardiology / Abu Dhabi-United Arab Emirates
  • Consultant dermatologist-Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant urologist-Abu Dhabi
  • Nurse PICU-Abu Dhabi
  • Neonatal intensive care nurse (NICU) – Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant urologist-Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant non-invasive cardiology-Abu Dhabi
  • Nurse in neonatal intensive care unit-Abu Dhabi
  • A child clinical psychologist who speaks Arabic
  • Consultant Obstetrics and gynecology (high risk) – Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant gynaecologist (gynaecological urology) – Abu Dhabi
  • Consultant Pediatrics
  • Consultant pediatric radiologist-Abu Dhabi!
  • Consultant non-invasive cardiology-Dubai
  • Consultant Plastic Surgery-Dubai
  • Consultant Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  • Consultant pediatric radiologist
  • Consultant pediatric anesthesiologist
  • Consultant pediatric and neonatal surgery


The method and link of applying for jobs:

Vacancies at Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank in Abu Dhabi UAE

Vacancies at GEMS Wellington School in Dubai UAE

The application for the advertised jobs is available now and continues until the required number is satisfied, and you can apply for jobs through the following link


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