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Wood Petroleum jobs in the UAE for all nationalities, UAE

For job seekers in the UAE, we publish to you the job advertisement of wood petroleum company, which was announced through its recruitment portal through its website on the internet about the jobs of wood international company, and we publish to you the details of the jobs and the link to apply for them as indicated in the official announcement of the company.

Functions of wood petroleum company

We publish to you our followers through our UAE JOBS details of wood Petroleum Company jobs for all nationalities to work in a private entity in the following specialties and names:

  • Senior on-site construction engineer-machinery and control
  • Document Controller
  • The engineer of the first finite element
  • Graduate technical safety engineer-UAE
  • An Emirati mechanical engineer graduate
  • Lead project controls
  • Project manager
  • Senior Document Controller
  • Graduate mechanic / pipe engineer-Emirati
  • Main project manager
  • Senior process designer
  • Senior structural and civil engineer
  • Chief process designer
  • Senior engineer for quality assurance and Quality Control-show interest
  • Process designer
  • Structural engineer
  • Senior pipeline engineer
  • Cost Engineer
  • Chief designer of instruments and controls
  • Instrument and control designer
  • Project control / planning engineer
  • Senior pipe engineer
  • Chief Project Control / Planning Engineer
  • Engineer graduation project
  • Senior Cost Engineer


The method and link of applying for jobs:

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The application for the advertised jobs is available now and continues until the required number is satisfied, and you can apply for jobs through the following link


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