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Vacancies in the UAE for expatriates today all specialties

I need 30 Male And 50 Female .. l
Make a new Company in Dubai.. Salary

Applying link: Click here

  • A professional plumber is required to be fluent in reading sewage and water blueprints and handing over the consultant and the Abu Dhabi Municipality, with at least 3 years of experience within the country ​/ Mobile & Whatsapp: 00971589064582


  • A restaurant in Ajman we need no cashier girl The requirement is to have a residence permit, not to join, but to work immediately, to be good looking and deal with customers, exclusively, the nationality of Syria ​/ Mobile & Whatsapp: 00971529417081
  • A chef is required for a woman of Arab or Asian nationality who has a chef’s certificate in European, Eastern and Gulf cuisines, a certificate approved by the competent authorities, to work for an Emirati family, the condition of residency at home, and a BCR Corona examination certificate. Salary 2500 dirhams to contact ​/ Mobile + Whatsapp: 00971557799089


  • A sales employee is required with four years of experience in the same field, preferably has a car and a driver’s license for the Abu Dhabi Elevators Company ​/
  • A Filipino teacher and nanny is required to take care of a 5-year-old child of people of determination Contact number ​/ Mobile: 00971509690496 – Email:
  • Female and male sales staff are required in the maintenance and installation services of fire alarms and firefighting devices. They have sufficient experience in marketing maintenance and installation services in the fire department. He has a stake in real estate companies and interior companies. He has an Emirati driver’s license, speaks English, and is fluent in computer work. ​/ Mobile: 00971557207180
  • An assistant is required with experience in making baked goods such as cakes, biscuits and cookies and is good at dealing with customers in a small pastry shop. Asian nationality is preferred, the salary does not exceed 2000 dirhams, including everything ​/ Mobile: 00971561122350


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