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Full job description

Ensuring Child Safety:Provide a safe and childproof environment.
Supervise the child at all times, especially when playing or during activities.

School Bus Pickup:Be punctual for school bus pickups.
Greet the child with a warm and friendly attitude when she returns from school.
Ensure she gets on and off the bus safely.

Feeding Lunch: Serve a lunch already kept prepared.Encourage healthy eating habits and monitor mealtime.

Arrange Afternoon Nap: Establish a regular nap schedule for the child, taking into account her needs and routines.
Create a comfortable and quiet sleep environment.

Household Tasks: Perform light household chores such as tidying up the child’s play area, washing dishes. Swiping and moping.
Maintain a clean and organized living space.

Communication:Maintain open and effective communication with the child’s parents or guardians.
Report any concerns, incidents, or changes in the child’s behavior to the parents.

Emergency Preparedness:Be aware of emergency procedures and contact information.
Ensure you have access to important phone numbers and medical information.

Positive Role Model:Set a positive example for the child through your behavior, language, and manners.

Job Type: Part-time

Salary: AED800.00 – AED1,200.00 per month

Expected hours: 36 – 42 per week

Ability to Commute:

  • Dubai (Required)

Ability to Relocate:


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